Recognizing that 90% of the drugs, APIs, supplies and equipment are imported into the countries of Africa, the delivery modes of airlines will be addressed to improve capacity, capability, connectivity and governmental compliance. The cumbersome processes of handling a shipment through customs in terms of regulatory compliance, product quality assurance, temperature-control, storage, documentation management, documentation management and timeliness is a formidable challenge. The dimensions of People, Processes and Technologies will be pursued to help build a transportation network and services to deliver healthcare to the masses.


Frank Van Gelder, Secretary General, Pharma.Aero

Phil Maxson, CEO, Global Cold Chain Logistics Services

Olivier DeFawe, Director – Private Sector Engagement Lead, VillageReach

Samuel Speltdoorn, Cargo Business development Manager, Brussels Airport

Solange Nisingizwe, CEO, Africa World Cargo

Pieter Huyghens, Manager Handling Belgium, Lufthansa Cargo

Dr. Donald Taylor, Professor Emeritus of Communication Studies, California State University