prashant yadav 320

Dr. Prashant Yadav

Think-tank fellow, Professor & Researcher. CGDEV, INSEAD and Harvard Med. Supply Chains for Medical Products
shevin jacob 320

Dr. Shevin Jacob

Reader in Sepsis Research, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM, UK); Co-founder & Director, Walimu (Uganda)
shankar 320

Shankar Suryanarayanan

Principal Consultant, Operations Transformation
alassane ndiaye 320

Alassane Ndiaye

Director Qalinca Labs, University of Brussels
ines buki 320

Inès Buki

Country Director, GHSC - PSM ORG
nadine rujeni 320

Nadine Rujeni

Associate Professor of Parasitology, School of Health Sciences, University of Rwanda
pie harerimana 320

Pie Harerimana

Chief Executive Officer, Rwanda Medical Supply
dale rogers 320

Dale Rogers

Professor, Arizona State University (ASU)
ben leyka 320

Ben Leyka

CEO, Equitics Holding, African Agri Council
carla reed 320

Carla Reed

President & CEO, New Creed
laurent foetish 320

Laurent Foetish

CEO, Supply Chain Operations
samuel speltdoorn 320

Samuel Speltdoorn

Cargo Business Development Manager, Brussels Airport Company
linda bowers 2

Linda Bowers

Technology Evangelist
dr. cheikh tidiane diagne 2

Dr. Cheikh Tidiane Diagne

Lead at the DIATROPIX laboratory, a social venture founded by the Institut Pasteur de Daka (Senegal), the Merieux Foundation (France), the Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics (Geneva) and the Institut de Recherche et de Développement (France).
thonas kull-2

Thomas Kull

Thomas J Kull, Professor and Chair of the Department of Supply Dhain Management at the WP Carey School of Business at Arizona State University.
demanou maurice

Dr. Demanou Maurice

Dr. Demanou Maurice , an international consultant, based in Ouagadougou, and coordinating the WHO Yellow Fever Laboratory Network in the African Region
Azuka Okeke CEO 320

Azuka Okeke

Azuka Okeke, CEO, Africa Resource Centre for Excellence in Supply Chain Management
alassane ndiaye 320

Alain Samné

Alain Samné, Director Business Development & Supply Chain at Institut Pasteur de Dakar
nico vandaele 320

Prof. dr. Nico Vandaele

Access-To-Medicines Research Centre, KU Leuven, Belgium
Dr. Janet Byaruhanga

Dr. Janet Byaruhanga

Senior Programme Officer-Health, African Union Development Agency- NEPAD
randy bradley2

Dr. Randy V. Bradley,

Associate Professor of Information Systems and Supply Chain Management, University of Tennessee and Executive Vice President Digital Transformation in Life Sciences, BSMA