Despite playing host to 17.5% of the global population, the continent is dramatically underrepresented in clinical trials – only 2.5% of clinical trials take place in Africa. The opportunity to conduct comparatively cheap research with a diverse patient population is huge where genetics can be a causal factor for cancer. Building a collaborative network of drug development exerts and overcoming the impediments of clinical research by providing CRO services and laboratory supplies, equipment and consumables. The success factors of patient enrollment, drug delivery, compliance, monitoring and returns will also be pursued.


Dr. Nadine Rujeni, Associate Professor of Parasitology, National University of Rwanda

Rob van den Bergh, Managing Director, Oximio Kenya Depot, Tanner Pharma

Dr. Charlene Ludick, Business Development Manager, Fisher Clinical Services RSA

Dr. Fredrick Kateera, Chief Medical Officer, Partners in Health

Prof. Emmanuel Nakoune, Scientific Director, and Head of Hemorragic Fever Virus Lab, Institut Pasteur, Bangui, Central Africa Republic

Dr. Edgard Valery Adjogoua, Virologist, Department of Virus Epidemics, Institut Pasteur de Côte d’Ivoire

Dr Hervé Kadjo, Department of Epidemic Viruses, Respiratory Viruses Unit, National Influenza Centre, Pasteur Institute of Cote d’Ivoire

Maurice Demanou, Consultant, Yellow Fever Regional Laboratory Coordinator for Africa, WHO

Lizané (Goosen) Meuwesen, Regional Quality Manager, Africa at Fisher Clinical Services