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Twas, Tutsis, and Hutus have lived in what is now the city of Kigali since the 11th century. The city has a Muslim neighbourhood and a thriving market, and it is situated on a number of verdant mountains and lovely valleys. More than a million people lost their lives in combat in Rwanda’s capital, predominantly Tutsis and moderate Hutus. Built over a mass grave with 250,000 victims, the Kigali Memorial Center serves as a perpetual memorial to the 1994 genocide. Discover the hospitable and now safe city on a bus tour of Kigali.


  • The Great Rift Valley: The Albertine Rift, which is located in Rwanda’s western region, is a division of the Great Rift Valley. It is teeming with life and home to numerous rare, indigenous species. Numerous vibrantly coloured birds, orchids, and butterflies coexist with chimpanzees, golden monkeys, and other primates. And even then, it is merely the beginning.
  • Responsible Tourism: Rwanda is dedicated to preserving the existence of these famous species within the four National Parks as their guardians. With a clean and green perspective, they are always trying to make sure they can live in sustainable harmony with their environment. They prohibited plastic bags in 2008, and as a result of efforts made by every community, their lands may be the cleanest in all of Africa. 10% of the money made from gorilla, safari, and other visitor permits, together with park fees, is used in collaboration with local communities to improve lives.
  • Epic Scenery: There are countless breathtaking views in Rwanda, and a new angle may be found at every turn. Thanks to a first-rate road system connecting the major cities, it is simple to manage to see all of the country’s natural beauties. The World Economic Forum ranks Rwanda as the 9th safest country in the world, so tourists may feel at ease knowing that it is both safe and beautiful.
  • Vibrant Culture: In addition to being hospitable and friendly, Rwandans are respectful, considerate, and dedicated to the idea of progress, from the bottom up. From the ancient kingdom to the present, inventiveness is something to be honoured, whether it manifests itself in folk dancing, distinctive architecture, or artistic creations.