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BSMA’s Inaugural Conference

In the 21st century, massive potential exists for advancement in healthcare and health systems across Africa as her 1.3 billion people benefit from significant enhancements in their well-being and national economies. The Bio Supply Management Alliance (BSMA), a global community of supply chain professionals in Life Sciences based out of USA (San Francisco), Europe (Brussels) and Asia (New Delhi), will launch an effort to build the supply chain backbone for self-sufficient African health systems. Founded 15 years ago, BSMA’s mission has been to accelerate affordability and accessibility of scientific and technological advancements by fostering collaboration among the stakeholders of the industry, including government, multilateral health organizations, public and private enterprise, academia, research organizations, foundations and NGOs.

At the inaugural BSMA Conference in Kigali, Rwanda hosted by the Rwandan Ministry of Health (October 31 and November 31, 2022 at the Kigali Marriott Hotel), BSMA will extend its global community to include African government and non-government partners interested and invested in strengthening supply chain management systems across the continent. A strategic intent of the Conference is to create a collaborative community of the five major regions of Africa (East, West, North, South and Central) to sustain an ongoing initiative to build the supply chain and educate professionals in the healthcare industry. BSMA will serve as the platform for collaboration.